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Every day millions of people play blackjack online and in land-based casinos all over the world. However only a handful of these players would ever become professional blackjack players or reach the iconic status of blackjack legends.

The players that do succeed in becoming professional blackjack players have a long road ahead of them before they can ever be considered blackjack legends. This title is reserved to the pioneers of blackjack card counting and blackjack card counting teams that are also members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame.

However every few years a new player is able to burst onto the scene and dazzle all around them with their great blackjack skills and incredible wins. Below are some blackjack professional players of the past and present that have made a lasting impression on the game

Who is a Professional Player?

Not every player who walks into a casino with some serious cash is considered a professional player. A professional player is someone who plays the game for a living. Playing blackjack makes up their main income which is used to support them and their families.

Being a professional blackjack player is not as glamorous as being a professional poker player because the game of blackjack is played against the casino and not against other players. This is why there are countless poker tournaments around the world and the biggest poker players are elevated to celebrity status.

The same cannot be said for professional blackjack players. Although in recent years we notice a surge in blackjack tournaments, it is still a game where players compete against the dealer and therefore would never have the same ferocious appeal as poker.

Legendary Blackjack Players

There are a handful of blackjack players whose names will always be remembered. They are the men that made this game great and caused so many of us to dream of a career as professional blackjack players, living a life of luxury at the expense of the casino:

Edward O. Thorp
The famed American doctor of mathematics who is credited with proving that card counting can beat the casino in the long-run and writing a bestselling book called Beat the Dealer.

Ken Uston
Probably one of the most famous blackjack players in the world. In his short 52 years on this earth he wrote several books on video games, computer manuals and his famous 1977 book The Big Player that chronicled his and his card counting team members adventures at the blackjack tables.

Tommy Hyland
With almost 40 years of success at playing blackjack, this man who started blackjack playing in the late 1970’s is still operating blackjack playing teams all over the world with great success and is considered one of the greatest living blackjack players.

Arnold Snyder
A professional blackjack player who was one of the original 7 players to be inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Fame. In 1980 he published the book The Blackjack Formula.

MIT Team
Books have been written and movies have been made about the famous group of MIT students that in the early 1990’s won a lot of money in Atlantic City casinos. The group used the principles set out in Edward O. Thorp’s 1962 book Beat the Dealer. The group later on split into several groups.

Stanford Wong
Is the pen name of John Ferguson who wrote 15 gambling books. He has been playing blackjack professionally since the 1960’s and is considered one of the best players in the world.

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