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Sometimes we let common myths guide our thought processes and choices in life. However, not all myths are true and it pays to learn which ones are and which ones aren’t. This is especially true when it comes to gambling and playing blackjack. In general, the best way to win at any casino or online casino is to know how the game works, basic strategies and the truth behind the popular myths.

Myth: The casino always wins

No one in their right mind would continue to gamble at a casino if there was no chance of winning. Some people gamble just for fun but most people are looking to make some money. While it’s true that the casino does win most of the, it is because of three main factors. First many people make poor gambling choices because they don’t know the strategies to use during the game. Second, the casino has an edge on just about every game because the casino’s goal is to make money. Third, even when players win money, the casino still has the biggest bankroll and that isn’t drained too easily.

Myth: Casinos offer new games so players have more options

New card and table games can be exciting and challenging for players so players are lured in but what players don’t know is that these new games often have higher house edges. Additionally, these games bring in more money for the casino because players need to learn new strategies to lower the house edge and they don’t often take the time to do that.

Myth: Only math geniuses can count cards

Card counting uses the basic math that we all learned as children. Anyone who can add, subtract, multiply and divide can learn to count cards at the blackjack table. There are a number of methods to train your brain and most can be learned from a book or website. Be aware that card counting cannot be done on blackjack games that use a Random Numbers Generator but now most online casinos offer Live Dealer Blackjack where you can test your card counting skills.

Myth: Card Counting is illegal

This myth stems from the old custom that casinos still go by the “Innkeeper Law” which states that an owner can refuse service to whomever he chooses. Legally, this is true and the casinos do have this right. If you are suspected of card counting, casinos may ask you to leave but they will not prosecute you since it is virtually impossible to prove. Card counting, as we just explained above, has to do with using your brain and that is certainly not illegal.

Myth: Blackjack games are nothing more than dumb luck

Luck can be a factor during blackjack games since we can’t control which cards we are dealt. However, blackjack skills and knowing basic blackjack strategies are much more valuable than luck since you will be more aware of which play or bet will be most effective to win. In the end, the knowledge we have will decide how much money we will win or how much we will lose.

Myth: The blackjack dealer most likely has a 10-value card as his face-down card

This is statistically not true. There are 52 cards in a deck and only 16 of those cards have a value of 10. So, if 36 cards have other values then it is more likely that the dealer has a one of those values in the hole. In any case, blackjack players need to use basic strategy and make their decisions based on the face-up card, not by guessing the hole card.

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