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Canadian-born Brian Zembic is a professional gambling man to say the least. He is a well –known professional blackjack, poker and backgammon player and once competed in the 2nd season of the World Series of Blackjack but lost in the 9th round. However good he is at cards and games, his other betting activities are the ones that he is most famous for.

If you’ve never heard of Zembic by name perhaps you’ve heard of the man who got breast implants to win a bet of $100,000. The bet came about when, in 1996, Zembic and his gambling friend Jobo began discussing a female friend’s new implants. The bet materialized and the agreed terms were that Jobo would pay Zembic $100,000 if he got C-cup implants and kept them in for a year. Initially Zembic delayed getting the implants but after losing a considerable amount of money in the stock market he went through with the deal. Since Zembic himself was responsible for paying for the plastic surgery and didn’t want to fork over the extra cash, he played a few games of backgammon with a plastic surgeon friend and won enough money from him that the surgery was free.

At one point when Jobo realized that Zembic would go through with the bet Jobo offered Zembic $50,000 to cancel the wager. Even though Zembic only had to keep the implants in for 1 year to win the bet, he became attached to them, enjoyed the fame that came along with the wager and kept them in. His breasts have won him some serious notoriety. He has been the subject of books, filmed for documentaries and has even been photographed by the world-famous photographer Helmut Newton. Zembic does realize how “crazy” his implants are and while his young daughter now finds the situation funny, he has said that if she is ever teased about her father’s breasts he would remove them.

The “breast bet” was not the only crazy thing Zembic chose to do for money. For $25,000, he agreed to live in a cardboard box for a week outside of his backgammon club. Every day his friends would laugh at him and sometimes even come outside to kick his temporary home but Zembic laughed all the way to the bank when he won the money.

Zembic banked another $3,000 when he followed through on a bet to run through the streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in just a pair of women’s panties and a bra to support his implants. If he was caught by the cops of didn’t complete the run within the time limit then he had to pay $3,000. As typical, Zembic won the bet and the cash.

One of Zembic’s favourite wagers is to bet strangers that they cannot drink a professional Frisbee full of beer. Zembic says many people agree to the wager thinking that they can drink it all in just a few minutes even though Zembic allots them a full 15 minutes. The drinkers always lose and Zembic walks away $2,000 richer.

Zembic has barely worked a day in his life up till now. The last time he had what most of us would refer to as a paid job was back in high-school and he even managed not to really do that either. He hired someone else to do the work and paid them half of what he was being paid. However, it seems like as long as he continues to be a “professional gambler”, Zembic can avoid the rat race that the rest of us call work and still have enough money to keep himself and his family financially stable.

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