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The game of blackjack offers players the chance to play head-to-head against the casino. The casino is represented by the dealer who is in charge of running the game but is also responsible for playing each individual hand against the players on behalf of the casino.

Even when you sit at a blackjack table with several other players, their blackjack hands or the way that they play has no influence on the way that you play the game. Each win or loss against the dealer in every round of blackjack is dependent only on a comparison of your hand against the dealer’s hand.

Blackjack tournaments offer an interesting spin on the traditional way of playing blackjack and in recent years several different types of tournaments have been made available to players in land-based casinos and online casinos.

Land-based Casino Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments offer players extra excitement by allowing them to compete against other players instead of only playing against the dealer. Casino operators saw the growing popularity of slots tournaments and decided to offer blackjack players events that are similarly structured to slots tournaments.

Holding a blackjack tournament in the casino proved to be a lot more complicated than holding slots tournaments and this was due to space and table constraints. Most land casinos have hundreds if not thousands of slot machines so allocating a few of them to a closely monitored tournament is not too much of a problem for the casino.

However the game of blackjack is played on dedicated tables and the average casino has a limited number of those. These tables also take up a lot of space which makes it difficult to allocate a section of the casino floor for regular blackjack tournaments.

For these reasons many land casinos only offer short daily blackjack tournaments, with only a few offering longer tournaments such as regular weekly blackjack tournaments that stretch over the course of several days.

Online Casino Blackjack Tournaments

The two main problems that limit or prevent land casinos from offering blackjack tournaments are lack of space and limited number of blackjack tables available. These problems do not exist in online casinos which is why players who enjoy blackjack tournaments are more likely to find them in online casinos.

Online casino blackjack tournaments tend to be offered in two different formats:

Time Limited Blackjack Tournaments
A tournament structure that gives each player an equal amount of chips in the beginning of the tournament. All players are given the same amount of limited time in which to play blackjack. The player with the largest stack of chips at the end of the time limit is declared the winner.

Another version of a time limited blackjack tournament limits the time of each blackjack tournament round and the top ranking players based on their stack of chips get to progress to the next level round in the tournament, making the number of participants in the tournament decrees from round to round.

Elimination Blackjack Tournaments
A new type of online blackjack tournament that is called Elimination Blackjack. At the beginning of the tournament each player is given an equal amount of chips. The game is played in rounds of play where each round has a predetermined number of hands played.

At the end of each round of play the player that has the lowest stack of chips is eliminated from the tournament and a new round begins with the remaining players. During each following round another low stacked player is eliminated until there is only one player left standing.

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