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Ever since the first casino opened its doors, people have been looking for ways to beat the casino. Over the centuries many have tried and failed in creating betting systems that will ensue they can have repeated winning session and win a lot of money from the casino.

Dreams of quick and easy money are common among gamblers which is why so many gamblers and mathematicians have tried to develop blackjack betting systems that work. Blackjack is very appealing to them as it is a game that requires skill. Applying the right strategy lowers the house edge and provides the player with better odds of winning.

However, and let us state this very clearly; there are no blackjack betting systems that are proven to work by always generating winning sessions. Many websites claim to offer a foolproof system and try to charge you money for it while promising you great big wins. These sites prey on people who don’t know enough about casino games in general and blackjack in particular.

Think about it for a second; if you were to develop a blackjack betting system that was able to consistently beat the casino, would you be offering it for sale for $29.99 or even $59.99 or would you be hitting every casino around the world turning yourself into a multi-millionaire?

Betting Systems vs. Betting Strategy

Many people get betting systems confused with blackjack betting strategy. The two are not the same. As a general rule betting systems apply to money wagered and mainly instruct players how much to bet on every hand. For example a positive progression system that instructs to double the bet after every win and half the bet after every loss.

On the other hand, betting strategies deal with what playing decisions a player should make when facing different situations. For example whether to Stand or Hit when dealt an A6. Blackjack betting strategies are proven to work by lowering the house edge thus increasing the player’s chance to win more money against the casino.

Martingale Betting System

The most famous betting system in the world is the Martingale betting system. It is a negative progression system that instructs the player to double their bet after every loss. The thinking behind this system is that when you double your bets after a loss, when you eventually win you will end up covering your losses plus gain a profit of one betting unit. The problem with this system is that you can end up with a losing streak that will cause you to increase your betting to such an extent that you will very quickly exhaust your bankroll.

Other Betting Systems

All blackjack betting systems tend to be about bankroll management and how to fluctuate your betting to meet the rules of the betting system. Those systems fall into three basic categories; hedging systems, positive progression systems and negative progression systems.

Other popular blackjack betting systems include the Parlay betting system, Paroli betting system, Labouchère betting system, base two progressive betting system, base five progressive betting system, and 1-3-2-6 betting system, and many other betting systems that follow the principals of one of these systems but got renamed for marketing purposes.

The only blackjack betting system that has proved to work in the long run is card counting which is frowned upon by all casinos and in some is even considered a form of cheating.

Card Counting

Blackjack card counting is a betting system that uses math to count and keep track of all the cards dealt from the deck or decks that are played. This is done in order to get a better understanding of what cards remain in the shoe and what are the chances of them being dealt at any given time.

Counting cards in blackjack is the only sure way of eliminating the small house edge casinos have in blackjack and turning the edge In your favor by letting you know when there is a ‘positive deck” with a high ratio of high valued cards. This information is then used to make larger bets when the deck is positive and lower bets when the deck is negative or neutral.

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