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The game of blackjack has a great appeal with players wanting to beat the casino and make some money playing a game that was proven to be profitable when players make sure to follow basic blackjack strategy, control their temper, and exercise good blackjack bankroll management.

Applying a good bankroll management technique is important because no blackjack player can expect to win every hand they play. It is an unrealistic expectation to think that you can sustain a long winning streak.

Proper blackjack bankroll management will help you to ride out a losing streak by providing you tools for managing your playing budget and limiting or increasing your spending in a way that will provide you with ample playtime and give you a chance to make a good return on your gambling investment.

Bankroll Management vs. Betting System

There are a couple popular blackjack bankroll management systems but before we delve into those we feel that it is very important to state that bankroll management systems are not the same thing as betting systems.

There are many different types of betting systems but most of them tend to dictate betting patterns. In some betting systems subsequent bets are determined by previous wins or losses and in other betting systems there is some guiding principle that dictates to the player how much to wager.

Bankroll management does not address individual bets as part of an overall betting strategy, rather it deals with how to manage your overall playing budget in order to provide you with a longer playing session that in turn provide a greater chance for a positive outcome.

The Blackjack Single Session Bankroll Management

Before deciding how much money you will spend playing blackjack you need to think carefully how much money you can afford to lose. You should never use money that you need to pay your rent or bills. Only use your disposable income.

Decide on a fixed sum of money and a fixed amount of time for playing. If you lose your bankroll before the allotted time ends than you need to stop playing and take a break from playing for at least a couple of hours. If at the end of your session you are in profit, you can continue playing using only your winnings.

The Blackjack Monthly Bankroll Management

Some players prefer to set a monthly blackjack bankroll. They know how much of their monthly income they can allocate for gambling and make sure that this amount is available to them in their online casino player account or the amount of money they allow themselves to take into the casino for those who play in land casinos.

Most players will then divide their monthly bankroll into several single session bankrolls and manage them in the manner described above. Other players have the monthly bankroll as it allows them to have longer and more expensive playing sessions even if it means they can blow their entire monthly bankroll in one session.

Regardless of how you will use your monthly blackjack bankroll the golden rule of walking away from the blackjack table once you have lost it all remains. Some players are happy taking a break from gambling for a few weeks in cases where their monthly bankroll finished when the month only began.

Other players always want to have the opportunity to play a few rounds when there is nothing good on TV. If you are such a player you are always advised the split your monthly bankroll into small chunks and make it last the whole month.

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